Monika Saigal, MS, RD, CEDS, CDN

My Book - Nourishing Dance

Nourishing Dance: An Essential Guide on Nutrition, Body Image, and Eating Disorders

by Monika Saigal, MS, RD, CEDS, CDN

Nourishing Dance is an indispensable guide to help dancers flourish both on and off the stage. Written with the unique insights and sensitivity of a former professional dancer and current eating disorder specialist, dietitian, and educator, this much-needed resource provides research-based, practical approaches to support dancers in fueling optimally, nourishing a peaceful relationship with food, and nurturing more balanced and resilient body image.

Under-fueling, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, and disordered eating are far too common among dancers. Despite the prevalence of these issues in dancers across genres, and their negative impacts on dancers’ physical and mental health and performance, they have not been adequately addressed in the dance community. Improving dancers’ health and well-being is necessary for both dancers and the art form to thrive, and everyone involved in the training and care of dancers can play an important role in this mission. Nourishing Dance provides essential information on nutrition, body image, and eating disorder prevention to help parents, teachers, staff, choreographers, leadership, athletic trainers, coaches, and healthcare professionals contribute to making the dance world a healthier and safer place for dancers.

Be a part of the change you wish to see

Writing Nourishing Dance was a true labor of love, and I believe this book has the potential to make a meaningful difference in how we nurture, protect, and care for dancers. Change is possible, and it will take our collective effort. I hope reading this book will give you the necessary knowledge, tools, and inspiration to be a part of the way forward. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our dance community.

For the love of dance,


Praise for Nourishing Dance

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