Change is Scary. But Don’t Let That Stop You. (Part 1: Get Inspired)

time to startHave you ever been equal parts scared and excited to try something new? Have you been contemplating changing something in your life, but dread about the hard work involved, fear of the unknown, or negative past experiences are keeping you from taking the first step?

For many of us, change can be pretty terrifying. So why do we do it? Because the payoff can be completely worth it!

This is my first blog post, and I am excited about embarking on this new adventure. I’m looking forward to sharing nutrition tips, giving you my take on hot nutrition topics, and helping you sort out nutrition fact from fiction. I hope that you will find this blog to be useful and inspiring, and I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

What About the What Ifs?

I have to admit that starting this blog feels intimidating and daunting too. What if my posts aren’t perfect? What if no one likes what I write? How will I find the time to do all this writing? These nagging questions remind me that even when it is our choice to start something new or make a change, there can still be doubt and fear. And that’s ok. Sometimes we forget that we are strong enough and resilient enough to deal with discomfort and unmet expectations. Those uncomfortable (sometimes seemingly intolerable) feelings do pass, and there is usually something great waiting on the other side.

Whether you are thinking about starting a blog or doing something far more daunting like climbing a mountain (literally or figuratively), there are two things that I believe are essential:

  1. Find and hang on to what inspires and motivates you.
  2. Get help when you need it.

Finding Inspiration and Motivation

I am fortunate to have work that inspires and motivates me every day. When my client with diabetes masters carbohydrate counting and learns how to enjoy restaurant meals and still keep his blood sugar in check, I see what is possible. When my client who has been dieting since she was eight years old lets go of her deeply ingrained diet mentality and becomes a mindful, intuitive eater who trusts her own body to tell her what to eat and how much to eat, I am inspired. When my client fighting to recover from her eating disorder finally enjoys a meal with her family after years that her eating disorder forbade it, I see that every step of the arduous journey is worth it.

If you are thinking of trying something new or making a change in your life, what inspires you? What is the reward you dream about on the other side of the fear and hard work?

Now What? Help!

Once you have found your source of inspiration, you may feel motivated to make a change, but still feel uncertain and apprehensive about how to start. That’s where getting help can, well, help! Before writing this blog, I read articles and books and talked to trusted colleagues for help. One great piece of advice that I got was to divide up the work into manageable amounts to not let myself get too overwhelmed. So taking that advice (and all the other expert advice cautioning against blog posts that are too long), I’ll wrap things up for now. But don’t worry; if you are thinking of changing your diet, and are looking for guidance, I’m here to help. All you have to do is check out Part 2 of this post for my Top 10 Tips to help you successfully change your eating.

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